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Certified Translation

Certified all translating documents.

Commercial Translation

Includes files for companies and business sectors that require translation experts with full knowledge of all fields of companies and the nature of documents within each sector. We also provide the commercial translation services for all documents (contracts, financial and accounting reports, quotations, financial statements and financial correspondences among companies, bills and reports..

Legal Translation

Technical translation includes documents with more engineering, technological or more accurate technically (Bill of Quantities, Researches, Catalogs, Guidelines,…..). We do comprehensive translation for the documents from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic or to any other language..

Technical translation

Commercial translation includes files for companies and business sectors, which require experts to translate with full knowledge at all fields of companies and the nature of documents within each sector..

Specialized Translation

We offer specialized translation services that serve a specific field or sector, which require complete mastering of the language and various fields, as well as the terminology of each field in the main languages..

Dumping Audio Files

Audio dumping is the conversion of audible text into readable text through a professional and accurate release of the content without any loss of text transmission as well as text formatting to facilitate reading on individuals..

Sites Interpretation

Web sites often have more than one language, for a variety of reasons including targeting a larger audience with different languages. In our Arab society, Arabic is the primary language in the sites, and sometimes English is the primary ....

Linguistic audit

Linguistic auditing is only the analysis and revision of the texts linguistically, grammatically, in dictation and to ensure the integrity of the content without any errors, taking into account the preservation of the meaning or content of the structure..

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