Certified Translation

Accredited translation includes the translation of files or documents approved by a governmental agencies, embassies or similar.
The agency that the translation will be granted the translation shall be certified by other authorities (government, embassies or ministries).
The agency requires the translation seals the documents to ensure its responsibility about the translation required.
We provide the certified translation services on the following documents:
  1. Experience Certificates.
  2. Commercial Records.
  3. Birth Certificates.
  4. Tax Cards.
  5. Graduation Certificates.
  6. Death Certificates.
  7. Criminal Identification Documents.
  8. Marriage Contracts.
  9. Work Contracts.
  10. Passports.
  11. Curriculum Vitae.
  12. Visas.
  13. Minutes.
  14. Bill of Quantities.

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