Sites Interpretation

Web sites often have more than one language, for a variety of reasons including targeting a larger audience with different language In our Arab society, Arabic is the primary language in the sites, and sometimes English is the primary ... but in general, the interpretation of the websites requires not only a literal translation, but a definition that carries the same meaning and concept of the written content. The use of automated translation sites such as Google is not a reliable source of translation because it is inaccurate and does not translate the meaning of that intended meaning of the content.

Therefore, web site design requires a good understanding of the content of the site and its structure so that the process of interpretation is done with a good understanding, accurately and to be understandable by visitors to these sites.

We provide web site and mobile application service with the best quality in translating that content, developing special terms in the field of websites, knowing how to choose the appropriate keywords for your company's field and coming up with effective content that attracts the audience to you.

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