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Welcome to Babylon For Certified Translation

Babylon seeks to provide the best translation work to its customers and to achieve the highest accuracy and professionalism in the translation of content accurately, which makes us keen to acquire the best editors and translators with high experience and extensive knowledge of the field to bring out the content of individual and unique to our

We ensure the quality of content, accuracy, dedication in the work and reliability. These are the basic elements that our company is based on in implementing translation services to produce satisfactory results for our customers, and to distinguish between others.

With experience and practice, you can estimate the time required to accomplish each job or task" As long as credibility remains our motto in delivering business before the time agreed with the client, whatever the size of the content to be translated.Our company provides the best services in translation, interpretation, audit and AD writing in various fields to meet all the needs of Companies.

About Us

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Linguistic audit

Linguistic auditing is only the analysis and revision of the texts linguistically, grammatically, in dictation and to ensure the int

Sites Interpretation

Web sites often have more than one language, for a variety of reasons including targeting a larger audience with different languages

Dumping Audio Files

Audio dumping is the conversion of audible text into readable text through a professional and accurate release of the content withou

Specialized Translation

We offer specialized translation services that serve a specific field or sector, which require complete mastering of the language an

Technical translation

Commercial translation includes files for companies and business sectors, which require experts to translate with full knowledge at

Legal Translation

Technical translation includes documents with more engineering, technological or more accurate technically (Bill of Quantities, Rese

Commercial Translation

Includes files for companies and business sectors that require translation experts with full knowledge of all fields of companies an

Certified Translation

Certified all translating documents

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this is very best company for translations i\'ve deal with it

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I deal with this company for a year, but everyday, they show me how professional they are

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You can choose the service that suits you from translation services, whether in commercial, legal translation, technical translation or translation in general and you can get other services such as auditing Linguistics, websites interpretation and mobile applications. Order your service and get the best prices for you.

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